Enkosi Prada (Nala)

Enkosi Prada, aka Nala, was our first Vizsla, and the one who got us started on this Vizsla journey. She was bought from Tom Collier in Durban, and we drove all the way there to go fetch her. Nala had one registered litter, and her following litters were with Max, a very handsome boy, who … Read more

Artemidistars Tyche-Quinn (Quinn)

Artemidistars Tyche-Quinn, aka Quinn, was surely the most beautiful Vizsla ever to set foot in our country. She was imported from Poland. Quinn was exceptionally intelligent, dark in colour, and very athletic. She also had a quirky habit of being quite territorial about her bed. She was also a bit naughty. Unfortunately she ran out … Read more

Roxstar Princess Beatrice (Beetroot)

Princess Beatrice, aka Beetroot, is the daughter of Rico and Bella. She was the smallest pup in her litter, but we thought she was rather beautiful and special. She was fiercely determined, and grew up to be very tall, very athletic and just altogether gorgeous. Also a bit nutty like her dad, but incredibly loving, … Read more

Shamanist of Enkosi (Bella)

Shamanist of Enkosi, aka Bella, came to us later in her life, and we are so happy to have her! She is the most loving, kind and sensible dog! When the rest of the household dogs are running around like lunatics, looking for shoes to carry around, she sits quietly and smiles. You have never … Read more

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